About Us

EM Jewellery is the creative partnership of Evangelos Pourgouris and Miranda Falkner set up in 1994 after we graduated from the London Guildhall University. Having completed extensive studies and research in design and technical skills both in fine jewellery and silversmithing, we decided to set up our own business in London where we have been practicing since.

The aim is to provide our clients with truly exclusive and genuinely handmade jewellery with the concept of a contemporary design, yet executed with the traditional skills of a goldsmith.

Our proficiency and experience has established us as one of the foremost designer jeweller outfits operating in the UK today and our award winning pieces are highly sought after both in this country and abroad. We have undertaken a diverse range of projects and private commissions over the years and are always enthusiastic about the next challenge.

Our work can be seen in prestigious galleries, shops, museums and selected fairs across the country or by appointment at our studio.

Our Inspirations.

The inspirations for our designs are based on the observation of the nature, with its abundance of forms and textures, along with the study of any obscure objects we often find around us. We interpret and develop these eternal beauties into our designs and materialise them by using different materials and by employing different processes in order to deliver them in a true form to our concepts and designs.

With our skilled craftsmanship, we explore extensively between the boundaries of designs and materials; and over the years, we have developed our own special techniques to pursue and realise each of our design pieces, so that each and every one obtains  a bespoke identity of its own, simple yet elegant, modest yet precious.

All our works are exclusively designed, handmade and hand finished by us at our studio here in London in either one-off or limited edition, so to allow our clients to enjoy the rarity of truly bespoke pieces of jewellery.

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